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Our Aim

Our plans to drive the growth of Viberoptix is to expand into GB and Republic of Ireland, delivering front line services and connecting rural communities everywhere.

Fibre Installation Specialist's

Viberoptix is currently playing a crucial role in the digital transformation of rural and regional Northern Ireland. Many local towns and communities have been without access to 21st Century infrastructure that allows them to avail of adequate broadband coverage, which has quickly become a utility as essential as electricity and heating.


We specialise in providing start to finish Fibre installation 


Our team of Fibre engineers are fully trained to the highest quality to adhere to strict  guidelines


Since the launch of the company in early 2020, Viberoptix has grown at a rapid rate. From an initial team of 20, our workforce reached various milestones in quick succession; 50 staff by August 2020, 100 staff by November 2020 and now standing at 170 team members in May 2021. That demonstrates a growth of 750% in just 16 months.

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About Us

Viberoptix is a newly established fibre infrastructure company based in Coalisland, County Tyrone. Comprised of a workforce including financial advisors, engineers and planning professionals, Viberoptix lays and activates fibre optic cabling to allow for the construction and roll out of full fibre broadband networks which provide access to super fast broadband for homes and business across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the UK.


The company was formed on Friday 3rd January 2020, and opened its doors with a team of 20 on Monday 6th January 2020.

Viberoptix is one of a very limited number of companies in Northern Ireland that can deliver this crucial infrastructure, and is the only large-scale company that is dedicated entirely to this specialist work. Our team of experienced engineers and planners deliver every aspect of fibre network construction, installation and maintenance.


Led by Managing Director Naomhan McCrory the management team at Viberoptix is young, dynamic, innovative and committed to ensuring the continued growth of the company in a revitalised Northern Ireland.